144 – The Investment Advice That Doesn’t Need A Disclaimer

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Today we are talking about financial planning.  This is information that people have asked for.

Most of this plan comes together with influences from David Swenson’s view on investing, and Strategic Coach’s tools and how to demonstrate and communicate the information.

There can be confusing information put out to people by the media.  If you understand how to classify this information, then you can know where to put your investments.  Into what “bucket”.

History has given us many market fluctuations.  Having an investment strategy can help you get through the “punches” to your investments.

Investing should be looked at as a long term plan.  This may help get you out of a short term quick decision.

Have an equity bias (owning vs storing) and be diversified is the strategy.

What are the 5 “buckets”?

Private Equity – if you are a business owner, it is your business.  It is that idea that is building your cash flow.

Fixed Income – the boring one.  It is the thing you understand.

Real Assets – a house, a rental property.  A real asset can generate income.

Foreign and Domestic Equity – owning shares in public companies.  It could be stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds.

Alternative – there can be risks involved – but this could be you exploring in your own business.  Understanding where technology is going and doing your research – exploring.

If you put this into a mind map you can have a view of what your investments are.

This is adaptable, if something happens in one of the other buckets, not everything is all in the same place.

Sometimes we forget what we have built up.  Take a deep breath.  Have your goals, and appreciate what we’ve accomplished, to have the confidence to take the next steps in your plan.

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Excerpt from David Swenson episode 53

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