145 – Veterans Transition Network – with James Cawley

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Our guest today is James Cawley.  James was on a past episode (141).

James joins us to talk about the Veterans Transition Network.  The Veterans Transition Network (VTN) is a Canadian operation providing mental health services specifically for Veterans.  This is for Vets by Vets.  There is a male group and a female group.  There will be other Vets there, along with Vets (as mentors) who have been through the course before.  The course will allow you to change.

Any Veteran qualifies.  It is about the connection and relating to people, everyone is human.  The course is about connection, communication, self maintenance, and future planning.

This course allows Veterans to get help and support, as well as connections.  The VTN website has a lot of valuable information.

Listen to James share about the VTN.


James Cawley – episode 141  http://openroll.org/141-with-james/


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