146 – Grin – The Toothbrush Reinvented – with Simon

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Simon Cooper joins us today, from Grin.

“Grin: the last toothbrush you’ll ever buy.”  This is a toothbrush with replaceable toothbrush heads and a reusable handle.

Having the idea, while thinking, why do we throw away the handle?  Simon started working on the idea just over 2 years ago.  It took 2 years to be ready to go to market with the product.

The design process involved working with an industrial designer, and determining what was liked about the designs vs traditional plastic toothbrushes.  Plastic toothbrushes are not all well designed (fall over, grooves that collect dirt), taking all that into consideration they came up with the product.  The base is an aluminum handle.

Using social media for promotion of products makes it a lot easier to sell new ideas and products.  The ability to have a visual of the product and be able to click and directly buy the product is advantageous.

We discuss authenticity in advertising and how that makes the product more real.  There is an evolution in how things are being sold to us.  Retail is changing, mostly due to costs.  Big retailers haven’t necessarily kept up with the times.  Shopping is becoming more of an experience, and many retailers are just not keeping up.

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