148 – Boots on the ground – with Chris

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Today we have Chris, a Veteran from a tour in Afghanistan, and rugby player.

One tour with Afghanistan, one tour in Bosnia in 2003, 13 years with the Regiment, he is a retired corporal now.

We discuss the evolution of the battlefield, and the equipment, and how it impacted on battle.

Having seen the other side of things, Chris touches on how his perspective has changed.  It changes you, and your perspective on people in general.  We talk about PTSD and when soldiers leave the war, and the time needed to decompress.

Chris talks about how he had to go for physio following his injury from the war in Afghanistan and how a physiotherapist student impacted on his recovery by sharing a dvd with him.  Which leads us into a conversation about rugby.  We talk about where inspiration can come from and how Chris’ Grandfather has been inspirational to him.

Chris shares how he joined the army at 19, to get a job, on September 11, 2001.

“You just keep setting a good example, do what you can within your small community, and help make the world a better place.”

Books we refer to:

Contact Charlie, by Chris Wattie

Fifteen Days, by Christie Blatchford


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