152 – Field Service Regulations

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Today we are reading from the “Field Service Regulations, Part I”, a book from 1909.  This manual is issued by command of the army council.  It deals with the general principles which govern the leading in war of the Army.

“Reconnaissance of a position.

1 In reconnoitring a position with a view to attack, information should be obtained on the following points:

i. The extent of the position.

ii. The weak parts of the position.

iii. Any point or points the capture of which will facilitate the development of a searching enfilade or reverse fire against a large extent of the position, and thus render it untenable; and to what extent such point or points have been strengthened.

iv. The best line of attack, and the tactical points of which the possession will favour the development of an effective fire against the weak parts of the position.

v. Localities from which covering fire can be directed.”

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