153 – Behind the Scenes of a Video Blog – with Patrick

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Today we have Patrick Palmer from Zoom Mortgage.  Patrick has a video blog on youtube and came in to record an episode with Jurgen.  Patrick was in advertising and corporate marketing for several years.  We thought we would record the coaching and set up in preparation for recording the video blog.  What we found was Patrick had some great tips on how to put together the video, as well as speak about what our business was about.  This information can translate to many different types of businesses.

Join us for a bit of a “behind the scenes” episode as we learn, and put together this video.

We discuss how long we have been in business and what we do, and how do we help people.  As we talk through what we do, we find a way to make this more concise for the video.  When people are viewing the video, we have to remember to keep the information condensed.   It’s the “Reader’s Digest” version.  Patrick listens and then helps condense the information and keep it focused.

A walk-through helps give an idea for time.  We also talk about what information to include (i.e. things you do vs things you don’t).  Three minutes can go by so quickly, it’s important to give viewers “headlines”, the message has to be given in a more concise form.  With video there is less attention time.  A podcast is entertainment that is customized to the listener.  There is an exchange of information, and people will determine what deserves their attention.

If you want your video to be found, it is important that you have a description that has keywords that help it be found through google.  You want to be a resource for your clients, viewers, listeners, you are adding value, and being a solution provider.


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