154 – Cannabis

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Today on the show we are talking about an alternative investment.  This is a discussion for informational purposes only, and should not be considered advice.  Always meet with a financial advisor to determine what investments are right for your portfolio.

Jurgen was invited to a mutual fund presentation regarding mutual funds invested specifically in cannabis related investments.

The media appeals to our fear and greed.  Fear of missing out and greed of making more.  It seems to be our driving force.

Cannabis is an alternative treatment to many different health concerns.  This has a substance to it.  There are various forms to use the plant as an alternative medicine.  Cannabis is legal in many other places now, as it is recognized as a medical treatment.

There will be an impact to the market share, it could change verticals.  There are always unintended consequences of changes to the market.  Pharmaceuticals is an industry that can be affected by the legalization of cannabis, as more people are able to produce it.

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