156 – AR/VR – A return visit with Jomar

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Jomar, from episode 81, joins us to talk about AR and VR.

We have a discussion on electronics at bedtime, is it good or bad, and how it can impact on our sleep.

The AR/VR technology is more readily available.  Virtual reality (VR) is a computer generated image that can be seen as a fully immersive, 360 degree, image through a headset (HMD head mounted display).  There are many applications for this type of technology.  The VR technology is now starting to be found in everyday life.  Airports are now starting to have VR booths to have experiences.

With AR (augmented reality) you can still see your own reality, but using your smart phone or a headset (glasses), you would see a 3D image presented into your environment.  Ikea has an application that allows you to see their furniture in your own space to see what it looks like, before you purchase the furniture.

There seems to be so many possible applications for this type of technology.

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