158 – Website Development & Optimization – with Jason

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Today we are joined by Jason Gervais of WEB-ROI.

We are talking about websites and how the technology has changed the look and how websites are ranked in search engines.  If you don’t have updated information on your website your rankings are going to suffer.  Quality content can be a blog, links, a podcast, information that is valuable to the person visiting the site.

Jason started out selling franchises of WSI, and wanted to own his own WSI franchise.  As his business grew to be the #1 WSI franchise in Canada, he wanted to differentiate because they were so large.

Many visitors to websites are viewing the websites on mobile devices.  This means that a website should be viewable not just on a desktop computer, but also on mobile devices.  

Initially, they started working with certain verticals.  Over the years of working with one type of business, the relationship built up.  Results grew, and the clients remained loyal.  Those businesses would then have suppliers on their websites be found through google searches.  Therefore, leading to further referrals to related verticals for Jason’s business.

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