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Today our guest is Alexander Maxwell, he was on the show in March with his father Robert Maxwell of TGT Solutions.

Alexander is starting his own podcast, called the Future Curve, his guests will be business leaders and niche markets.  He is looking for people in niche industries to interview.  

There are many different types and styles of podcasts that are available.  There are scripted podcasts, raw, round-table discussions, there are so many different ones available.  It all depends on what you are looking for.

Podcasts are ideas between people, that are being shared on a grand scale.  It all depends on what you want to listen to, what are your interests.

It is important to learn to share out your podcast in order for people to find it.  You also need direction to get to your goal, and you need focus.  Alexander finds having a routine helps give him focus, along with setting personal goals.  We also touch on the importance of making your bed.

Finding guests can be found in your network, locally, you have to explore what would fit into your podcast.

Alexander is also in the process of writing a book, he is on his second edits.  He had ideas that he had to just get written down.  A process is not always instantly rewarding.  We are taught how to fit in, not how to stand out.  While fitting in is important, when you see and hear people doing amazing things, people need to know how to get to that ultimate goal that you are striving for.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, every mistake is a lesson.

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