161 – Positive Accounting – with Joti

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Today our guest is Joti from Positive Accounting.

It is important to have a stable foundation for your bookkeeping.  A good first step, it is important to have an accounting database for managing your finances and setting yourself up for success.  As you grow, you can outsource this.  Having a cloud based system is ideal, you can access your books anytime, anyplace.

If you are not good at something, outsource it.  If you are better focused at doing your unique ability, have someone do the parts you aren’t good at, so you can focus.  It is best to hire someone who is trained and qualified to handle the job so they can be focused on their task.  If you hire a firm, there is backup, there is support.

Now with technology it is easier, having everything all in one spot and it is archived and accessible.  Having a dedicated firm or person keeps your finances up to date.  The cloud and paperless keeps your financials at your fingertips.  It is strategic planning.

Technology is your friend.  Be 150% because that’s when you will grow.

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