162-Acting as a Guide Through the Financial Plan Process

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Today we are talking about being a guide in the investment world.

History doesn’t always repeat, however, it often it rhymes.  With 30 years experience, you see some cycles.  

How does this all fit?  What opportunities are out there?  What are your strengths?

We discuss what a “diversified alternative” fund is.  “It doesn’t look like anything else.”  It isn’t traditional.

We talk about the “buckets” of a diversified portfolio.  People always want to chase the winners.  The idea of viewing your portfolio as buckets, helps you see what buckets are performing well, and the ones that aren’t performing as well.  Why aren’t they performing well?

We look at what Global Growth Funds and Value Funds might be invested in.  You are investing for the long term, so you want to make sure you touch on the cycles.

Balanced Income and Growth Funds are more strategic.  We talk a little about what ETFs are.

Your financial plan is a generator to keep going on.

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