164 – Decentralized Command – with James

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Today James drops by the Open Roll studio.

Technology and intel has changed so much, even in a short period of time.  When you look back at how battles were fought, you have to remember what was available at the time.

War evolves our world.  Another evolution is, Decentralized Command.  There are books about this, and applications in the business world.

We touch on rules of engagement (ROE).  The rules and steps you take up to “pulling the trigger”.  In a business sense it can be accountability.  

We discuss what it would be like fighting on our own soil.

Having rules, training, and the proper leeway to act accordingly.

We talk about how customer service is reflective of proper training and rules.  This leads into how there are different mindsets from different cities.  This leads to a discussion about a sense of community.

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