165 – Veteran Appreciation Day – with Teresa of Granite Ridge

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Today we have Teresa Fujarczuk of Granite Ridge golf course in the studio.  Granite Ridge hosts an annual Veteran’s Appreciation Day at the golf club. 

Teresa’s father, his brothers, and some friends were all members at a golf course, they played regularly, and built their own golf course.  

Granite Ridge was built in 1996.  

The goal is to have more Veterans come out to the tournament.  Jurgen had heard of the tournament through James Cawley (past podcast guest).  A lot of the word gets out that way, through word of mouth.  The family of Veterans are also welcome.  It is a special day.

Jurgen found the minute of silence, was so powerful.  Teresa shares that the moment of silence and the anthem are the 2 special moments she finds.  The anthem can be big for people who Canada is their adopted country.

This was the event where the service dog from National Service Dogs (episode 160) was at with Danielle.  The dogs have a powerful connection for the Veterans.

The tournament is promoted through various sources.  It is important that all Veterans are welcome to the tournament.  There has been an evolution and people who weren’t in infantry, or haven’t seen duty, they are all equally Veterans, and equally welcome.

The date for next year’s tournament is Sunday, July 21st, 2019.  They have an early start time for the older Veterans.  If you would like to stay later, that is ok as well.  Once they open for the 2019 season, a call into the pro shop puts you on the sign up sheet.


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