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Today we have Daniel Ott from True North Tiny Homes.  

Daniel had a company, White Willow Design, he was previously on the podcast.  However, he has found a new niche market that are looking for a different design.  This group of people are looking for quality places to live, and the answer is a tiny home.

A lane-way suite is the answer to the need for additional housing units.  By using the alleys in established areas and putting in a lane-way suite.  This space can be used in a more productive way, by adding either a parking pad, or a tiny home.  This helps out the housing crisis. 

The tiny home can be a completely off-grid home, or it can be designed to connect to services.  

It is all about space.  The idea is to make it feel as big as possible.  Daniel has the design background that makes the home feel more spacious.  They would like to keep the homes custom.  

Tiny home villages are getting a big response.  Retirement age people would like to downsize, but they don’t want to be alone.  The idea is that people want the sense of community, where in a town or city they can take a lot, or a piece of property, and have several tiny homes, and other facilities, and create a village of like-minded people.  There are many vacant lots that could house 4 or 5 tiny homes.  There is no definition in the by-laws for these types of homes.  This is something that needs to evolve in the building codes.  

The homes can survive Canadian winters, it really wasn’t any trouble to make the homes efficient.  You can live in the home 12 months of the year.

To move the homes on roads, they must be within size restrictions.  And because there is limited space, many things have a dual purpose/function.

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Episode 89 with White Willow Design with Daniel  

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