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Today our guest is Dylan from Big B Comics in Hamilton.

We talk about a recent podcast – the miracle morning.

We discuss the advantages to having a morning routine to get your day started, and to be more successful.

There are some auto-biographical comics, but most comics are fiction.

We talk about what is available for young pre-teen girls.  The stories are relatable to a young girl’s life.  The books cover the struggles and insecurities of a young girl.

Big B is working with institutions to encourage kids to read.  Having the comic books in schools to use as learning tools, as well as students learning to read.  They will work with the teachers as to what is good for the age group.

There are also books directed to younger children to help them enjoy stories, while learning at the same time.

The superheroes can be generational, and enjoyed by all different ages.  Many of the superheroes are just people trying to fit in.  Comics are becoming more diverse.  We talk about how the new Spider-Man movie is a different take on the Spider-Man universe.

We talk about how people are nostalgic for their comic book heroes.  Sometimes people are not ready for change.  However, people evolve in their lives, the characters should be able to evolve as well.  We should just enjoy the stories.

To contact Big B Comics:

Big B Comics website:  https://www.bigbcomics.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bigbcomics/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bigbcomics

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bigbcomics/

To purchase online:  https://www.icomicexchange.com

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