191-Putting off what needs to be done

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This episode is an update on the week, while Jurgen is away.

Networking is important.  Using social media, know your audience, what age group and who you are hoping to reach helps you with your network.  BNI allows you to have the face to face meetings, it allows your network to get to know you and your business.

The RDSP is a program that the Canadian Government put into place in 2008 to assist people with disabilities and their loved ones.  The Registered Disability Savings Plan makes it easier to accumulate funds by providing assisted savings and tax-deferred investment growth.  The contributions can be matched, based on family income, with up to $3,500 a year in grants and the grant room is available up to 10 years back.  To quality the beneficiary must be eligible for the disability tax credit, be a resident of Canada and under the age of 60.

The 4 Productivity Principles from the Stoics that can be applied to today:

  1. Do less
  2. Visualize the process to the end
  3. What’s in your control
  4. Change your definition of success

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