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Today we have a guest, Erika from Niche for Design.

Isolation spaces are a big development in open concept office environments.  Companies are looking to combine open concepts with areas that have more flexibility and some privacy.  There are pod style or a restaurant booth style, as well as furniture pieces that can accomplish this feeling.  There are different ways to create the break-out spaces, such as a room to a ‘phone booth room’ or a free-standing isolation room.  There are different variations and levels of privacy and visibility that can be available for office spaces.

Because each space is different Niche for Design has a process that they go through with clients, what is the culture like, what kind of interaction, and how do people feel about the space.  A great way for the company to show that they care about the employees is to have space that works.

We discuss co-working spaces and how they are ideal for start-ups.  Co-working is a number of businesses sharing a space.  They rent the space they need.  The interactions that can occur in these types of spaces is invaluable.

Social media is a big part of why target marketing has become more effective.  Companies can now target based on people’s interests.  People follow what they are interested in.

People feel good when they work in an area that where they feel happy and engaged.  Ensuring that the work space, where we spend so much of our time, is good for the employees’ well-being as well as clients.

Niche for Design finds there is more opportunity to discuss if moving offices is even necessary.   They do surveying on culture and comfort, and growth of the business, and layout potential based on their existing space versus moving to a new space.  This can be very effective.  Having a larger change to the office it is ideal to have a design package to figure out all the details.

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