194-Assets Over Episodes

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We are putting together an asset each week that is of value.  For people who go back to listen to past episodes of your podcast you want to have something of value for them to go and listen to.

We discuss how the podcast is not about giving stock tips, or advice, but rather information and topics for you to research.  However, you should also not put all of your eggs in one basket.  Maybe risk your “coffee money” not your savings or children’s education fund.

The art you are putting out.  You want to put together good art.  25 years from now, will people look back at what you have put together and see the art you put out.

On social media are we looking for the validation.  But how about having an impact.  When you turn on the news, negative sells.  We aren’t focusing on the negative, we are sharing the positive.

We touch on procrastination, and how working as a team can accomplish tasks.

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