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112 – Tax Changes for Canadian Small Business – with Tim Miron

Our guest today is Tim Miron.  Tim is a partner at an accounting firm, Beckett, Lowden, Read, and a past guest. There are a lot of changes being proposed for taxes for Canadians.  Life and taxes are not fair.  There are tax credits for adopting a child for example, but not everybody gets that tax…

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111 – The Value of a Team – with Dan Sullivan

Our guest today is Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. Dan is a “news junkie”, he uses aggregation sites online to read 10 to 15 articles that he finds interesting.  Mainstream media is getting more extreme.  Their backstage meetings show that their audience is dropping, the entire mainstream media is in a state of panic, there…

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110 – Copper Consulting – with Hayley

What’s a virtual assistant?  Hayley Sweet of Copper Consulting is our guest today to share her story. Most entrepreneurs think they need to be up and running before getting an assistant. Wasting your billable time with tasks that are not your unique ability, is that – a waste. Having a virtual assistant allows entrepreneurs to make sales…

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