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Open Roll


I visited Brazil for a Brazilian jiu jitsu training camp.  While I was there they had an "Open Roll" Animal Gymnastics class for everyone, white belts to black belts to participate in, and to learn from.

From there, I brought the idea back to the jiu jitsu studio in Hamilton for the Friday night class.

Present day, I found through my various network contacts that many people had something to share that others could take something from.  From there the Open Roll for the Business Artist became an idea.  

Each week I invite a "specialist" into the studio to sit down and share their business ideas, stories, and just have a discussion.  So that we can all learn, and grow our businesses.  Taking us through the journey from white to black belt.


Who is the business artist?  There are no boundaries.  You could have 1 to 10 employees, but the business artist is the one signing the cheques.  Along that journey we all hit ceilings of complexity or things that worked, but stopped working.  This podcast is to impact the decisions that you make, to be the best for your business journey.


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