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Part 2 of a fascinating discussion with Dan Sullivan

Dan has a question for Jurgen, what has played a part in Jurgen being an entrepreneur, what his background was. Jurgen shares a quote “Life rewards the specific ask and punishes the vague wish.” Recharging the batteries, is very important to keeping motivated throughout the year. There are certainly differences between leading a specific life and leading a vague life. Entrepreneurs aren’t any more honest or truthful then the general population, but they do get beaten up more quickly if they lie to themselves. There is a “30 day report card” in being an entrepreneur (have you met your responsibilities) any vagueness can threaten your entrepreneurial existence. You can’t fake it, you need to deliver.

The “why” is a very important aspect to being an entrepreneur. The vast majority of entrepreneurs are “accidental”. An entrepreneur doesn’t always agree with the means to getting to an end result as someone who works for a big corporation. They bypass standard, conventional ways of doing something, because they see a different way. Status won’t buy you freedom, but freedom will buy you status. People also become voluntary entrepreneurs, through life circumstances, they tend to always want to achieve the “security” they felt in previous jobs. Entrepreneurs that are “born” into it tend to see it differently, unemployment can be an opportunity.

Leadership and team, are keys to success. The number one goal is to take your organization and make it self managing. You are freed up inside the company just to do everything that is new and exciting to you and to the company and outside you are freed up completely to enjoy a personal life. You never know how good a team you have, until they can’t phone you.

Starting off with a positive focus, puts you in a winning mode. This helps you deal with the projects. Dan shares, that when he is holding meetings, he likes to have everyone at the meeting share something they are excited about. The reason is the participates are there to achieve something that will only happen properly if everybody is on a high energy level. You don’t know people’s circumstances prior to the meeting. But this helps achieve a common energy state. Now, they have also connected with each other. Now, the energy is high and motivated. Also, to close out the meeting, a share of what was the best part out of the meeting.

This mentality can spill over into personal time, and help with free time away from work and with family. Children today can have a disconnect, and this discussion of something they are excited about, can knit the family together.

Setting up the right conditions for there to be high energy in your business life and your personal life – what a win.

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