013 – A photographer is worth an interesting 1000 words – with Kyle

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Jurgen Rudolph chats with Kyle Skinner

A picture is worth a thousand words and each picture has a thousand words.

Kyle has a passion for photography and has started his journey as a photographer/entrepreneur business artist.

We talk about meeting originally in Costa Rica, 3 years ago.  Kyle spent the whole trip in the face of big waves in the Pacific Ocean to capture the best surf pictures.  A surf trip to remember.

His studio is in Hamilton, Canada, in an old factory.  It is a must see, the site of future podcasts.

Kyle’s previous work was in the night club management business.  I believe this helped mould his creative side for photography.  He has not looked back since starting his journey.

“Each picture has a story.”   Kyle loves to have the visual and also a compelling story to go with that visual.

You will have to listen to the podcast to hear his interesting “put it out there and take a chance” story with a win-win outcome.

Vulnerability is a key element in Kyle’s work.  He discusses this theme more later.

Future Art Work:

Podcasts from his studio

Favourite Book/On the Go:

Purple Cow

Favourite Ted Talk:

Power of Vulnerability

Favourite Resource:

Five-Minute Journal

Last 90 Minutes of your Day:

Dynamic mobility moviements and yoga to finish off the day.  No screens (cell, laptop, iPad) in bedroom.

Favourite Quote:

Kyle shared many quotes throughout the podcast.  “People are like icebergs there is so much more below the surface”

The last half of the podcast we discuss network tv vs netflix, cash vs digital currency, power vs reach and the ability for you the business artist to go after your dream, it’s easier than before.

Take away:

Do it for the love.

website:  www.kyleandrew.com

Twitter: @kyleandrewphoto

Instagram: @kyle_andrew

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  2. Kyle Andrew on 12/04/2015 at 4:36 PM

    Thank you again for having me on the show, it was an absolute gem of a day!

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