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Jurgen Rudolph chats with Doug Bolger

Learn 2 is Doug’s passion. He has been bringing impact to teams of 2 to 2,000 people.

The verticals he works best in are the medical field, car dealers and sales teams.

How we operate has changed. What is important is how teams work together.

Over the next five years Doug thinks distribution is the way of the future.

Doug’s world is so far ahead that I get stumped asking questions. You can hear me use my guard and pull out the Strategic Coach D.O.S. tool to help deconstruct Doug. This helps gain an understanding of his world.

We discuss bitcoin and how it democratizes currency. The world is changing and can big institutions keep pace? We discuss how some companies are being “apped” a new word for being replaced by technology.

Future Art Work:

Favourite Book/On the Go: Bold

Favourite Ted Talk: Derek Sivers – How to start a movement (a good one – I watched it)

Favourite Internet Resource: CrunchBase

Last 90 Minutes of your Day: Doug likes to play a game of strategy. The strategy games help keep him present in the game. On a personal note I am going to start doing this myself.

Favourite Quote: You have to push down to grow up. Trust your team, trust your foundation, and explore new space – get out in your industry.

Take away:

“The future already exists it just hasn’t been distributed.” A nice quote after the quote.

Office Telephone: 1-877-4LEARN2; 416-410-6434 x229 (Amy)

email: doug@learn2.com
Twitter: @BolgerDoug
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