015 – A holistic lifestyle coach offers inspiration – with Christine

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Jurgen Rudolph chats with Christine Line

Christine is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach specializing in transformations. You can discover a new way of living at her studio “Push Fit Studios”.

We hear about Christine’s past, growing up travelling and living around the world.

We talk about the benefits of getting away from everything every three months to the mountains or sea.

Christine shares with us her latest business venture within her studio, a one day retreat to the Blue Mountains here in Ontario, Canada. A two day retreat to the Florida Keys is in the planning stages.

During the podcast we talk about moving your body. Start small with a walk, ride a bike, ski, do martial arts, or any sports.

Baby steps lead to big changes.

Favourite Book/On the Go: 10x, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Favourite Ted Talk: Amy Cuddy – Body Position

One thing that you cannot buy with money: Experiences of travel

Last 90 Minutes of your Day: Journaling success, gratitude, reading at least 20 pages of paper in a book (no screens) and a cuddle with her 3 children.

Favourite Quote: Everything you need is inside

email: christine@pushfitstudio.com
website: www.pushfitstudio.com
Facebook: Push Fit Studio

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