012 – A product solution becomes a revolution – with Lee

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Jurgen Rudolph chats with Lee Wright

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  This is another on location podcast at the beautiful Hamilton Innovation Factory.

Today’s guest, Lee Wright, developed a hockey tape replacement product called Sniper Skin.

Hockey tape is cotton soaked in adhesive.  The product of hockey tape has not evolved in 100 years.  Sniper skin is customizable to the individual.  It is available for the blade and butt end of the hockey stick.  Sniper Skin is available in all colours, can be customized to all sizes and is more cost-effective than buying rolls of tape.

If you are, or know someone who is, a purchaser for Canadian Tire, that would be a great connection for Lee.  Totally Hockey would be a great U.S. connection for Sniper Skin also.

The product works well with baseball, cricket bats, and lacrosse sticks.

Favourite quote:  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes it’s what you do afterwards that makes you successful.

Facebook: Sniper Skin

Twitter: @Sniper_skin


Explainer video is available on the website:  sniperskin.ca

Don’t expect success work hard for success.

Lee has a love for science fiction, which makes sense, as he is creating something for the future.

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