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129 – Tundra Leather – with Kristi

Our guest today is Kristi from Tundra Leather. They have been in business for 27 years.  There has been a leather shop on King Street (in Hamilton) since 1961.  When her father was young he took leather working at a summer camp and developed an interest and as he grew up worked at the leather…

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120 – Digital Road to a Sale with Jim

Today’s guest is Jim DeLuca.  Why did Jim create “Digital Road to a Sale”?  Was he more afraid of change or redundancy?  He decided to change rather than become redundant. Historically, car dealers had the advantage of holding information over clients – with the internet this changed.  The automotive industry needs to move from a…

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118 – On location at Action Coach – with Dan H.


Today we are joining Dan Holstein in his Rev Up Your Business YouTube series. Jurgen shares his story of how he got started in Financial Planning and the podcast.  Many times in your journey you will probably ask yourself “why do you do this?”.  You learn over the years, as an entrepreneur, the value you…

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112 – Tax Changes for Canadian Small Business – with Tim Miron

Our guest today is Tim Miron.  Tim is a partner at an accounting firm, Beckett, Lowden, Read, and a past guest. There are a lot of changes being proposed for taxes for Canadians.  Life and taxes are not fair.  There are tax credits for adopting a child for example, but not everybody gets that tax…

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111 – The Value of a Team – with Dan Sullivan

Our guest today is Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. Dan is a “news junkie”, he uses aggregation sites online to read 10 to 15 articles that he finds interesting.  Mainstream media is getting more extreme.  Their backstage meetings show that their audience is dropping, the entire mainstream media is in a state of panic, there…

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