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159 – Podcasts – with Alexander Maxwell

Today our guest is Alexander Maxwell, he was on the show in March with his father Robert Maxwell of TGT Solutions. Alexander is starting his own podcast, called the Future Curve, his guests will be business leaders and niche markets.  He is looking for people in niche industries to interview.   There are many different…

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119 – The Art of The Fail – with Kristian and Chris

Our guests today are Chris and Kristian from The Art of the Fail podcast. What was the inspiration?  Startups in Canada was created as a resource – to be a hub for Canadian businesses.  Chris was drawn to Kristian’s idea after being inspired by a recent trip to Silicon Valley.  They started talking about what…

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111 – The Value of a Team – with Dan Sullivan

Our guest today is Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. Dan is a “news junkie”, he uses aggregation sites online to read 10 to 15 articles that he finds interesting.  Mainstream media is getting more extreme.  Their backstage meetings show that their audience is dropping, the entire mainstream media is in a state of panic, there…

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